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Okay guys, in Shugo Chara, you can hate on Ikuto and Tadase as much as you want, but there is not a single person in the fandom who dislikes Kukai.

taehyung’s perfection in b&w 


Please don’t compare what happened to Kris to what’s happening to Jessica. They are completely different situations. Jessica was straight up blindsided by her members, not her company but her members. They were the ones who said “yeah no, it’s either BLANC or us”.

Kris left, he didn’t get kicked…


*When 2k14 started*


*Few weeks later*



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the brightest smile

the brightest smile


i want all of you to know that i heard homophobic insults being thrown from both sides of the shugo chara fandom back in it’s prime.

"tadagay" is probably… well known, but i can’t count the amount of times i heard tadase fans referring to ikuto as an "emo f*g", particularly after his character…

who has called ikuto an “emo fag”????? i’ve never once heard ppl say that